Alternative London wedding photographer & destination wedding photography, Bedfordshire wedding photographer – 2017 highlights

WOW, what a year! 2017 has flown by in a whirl of travel and photography, adventure and love. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

The past 12 months have taken me all over the UK for photography, as well as for destination weddings and couples in Las Vegas, Iceland, Mallorca, Rome, Venice, France and NYC. Though I’m based in the south of England as a London Wedding Photographer and Bedfordshire wedding photographer, this has been a year of exploration, both literally and metaphorically and I’ve continued to exceed all my goals yet again. Each year I push my boundaries, set my intentions higher, constantly learning and growing and striving to be a better photographer for my couples. 2017 is held dear to my heart. I’d like to extend thanks to some fantastic wedding venues from this year including The West Mill, Ashridge House, The Little Vegas Chapel, Central Park Weddings, Eggington House, The Asylum Peckham, The Oyster Shed, Dodmoor House, Cowley Manor, Flaxbourne Gardens, The Lodge on Loch Goil, Courteenhall Estate, Prestonfield House and Palazzo Polignac in Venice as well as some venues that I’ve had the pleasure of photographing at a number of times – Milling Barn, South Farm, Islington Town Hall, The Londesborough, Notley Abbey, Northbrook Park.

And so, here we are again at the end of another year. Each year it’s harder to put together these highlights, and I feel extremely lucky and honoured to capture so many relaxed modern wedding days for so many ideal, wonderful couples. This is set to be a long post, but one that has been photographed with love, stomach-flutters, tears and goosebumps, all within mind capturing fleeting but precious moments that will be felt by generations to come. This year more than ever I’ve tried to capture how a wedding FEELS, how a moment feels. EMOTION has been the word at the forefront of everything this year, and a sincere hand-on-heart THANK YOU to everyone who has trusted me to capture not just how their wedding looks, but how it FEELS.

Professionally my achievements in 2017 have been reaching my 7-year Anniversary for being self-employed through photography, 97 photoshoot projects including 32 weddings – I promised to shoot less this year than last and indeed did, though it was still a crazy busy year! – as well as hitting and exceeding all my business goals. A huge honour was being nominated for the worldwide Rangefinder 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography 2017 competition, making the shortlist of just 200 photographers in the whole wide world. My photography was also Regional Finalist for The Wedding Industry Awards, as well as awarded Highly Commended for The Four Counties Wedding Awards. Having not won anything for my photography since I was at University and won a hot air balloon ride for a photograph of a zebra (yes really!), this has been a year of honour and recognition of which I am truly grateful! My photography has also been printed on 3 magazine covers, as well as number of inside features and weddings showcased on recognised blogs Love My Dress and Rock My Wedding.

What is coming next in 2018? At this point I have more weddings than ever before for the coming year, at some very exciting locations and some brilliant couples – I’m SO excited to capture your weddings for you all! A new website will be launched in early 2018, as well as finally (after more than 7 years of being self-employed in photography) offering mentoring for photographers (get in touch if you’re interested!). My nana will turn 90 years old, so we will be having many family celebrations for her, and my son will be 17 in March which is the same age as when I got pregnant with him! Time does indeed fly!

For now, I’ll let the photographs below speak for themselves; a very small insight into a crazy but wonderful 365 days. A little way down the post I’m adding in some personal highlights and a few snippets into my own life this year, a little further insight to the person behind the camera.

A true, thank you thank you thank you to everyone who has been part of a very special 2017. With Love, Natalie xx

‘All. Of. The. Feels!!! You blow us away, we feel like we just relived the whole day – what a gift you have & how precious these are to us & will be forever. You are just incredible, you have gone above & beyond & we will treasure these forever. Thank you thank you thank youuuu! We love them all so much, so many precious moments of our loved ones! From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!!!’

– Helen & Jonny, The West Mill wedding venue

This year I have decided to include a few personal pictures in my highlights. After all, this is the majority of what my year is. Simple iPhone pictures, but these mean a lot to me and as I put more of my heart into my photography work I think it’s important to share what makes me feel love. So here we go – family has been more important than ever to me, with my son turning 16 and passing his GCSEs with high grades (including one new grade 9, the equivalent of an A** – one very proud mum there!), and I feel proud of myself for raising him as a single mum. He is now studying A-Levels in English, Music and Finance. My niece Lily turned 1 in January and her little sister Louise arrived into the family in October. After we lost my Granda last year, it’s a little bittersweet a celebration (and now I’m crying!) but is above all absolutely wonderful and I’m so excited to turn my camera on these little ladies as they grow up. Adventure has also been important this year, with many flights taken and much gratitude felt that this is my life. Spending time by myself is as important as spending time with family – it is in the silence of solitude that we become comfortable and grown into better humans. Last year all I did was work, and honestly almost burned myself out, so this year I’ve made space for myself, friends and family which will continue to be a priority. The magic needs to be felt inside, to be passed on through my photography! Other personal highlights include buying my first car (now in the winter months I’m glad of my decision for heated seats!), some relaxing days out and trips away with my son and family, a few magazine covers thrown in here and there, as well as overcoming my fear of heights well and truly and exhileratingly when I stepped onto the glass-floored Skywalk over the Grand Canyon. It is in pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone that we realise we are capable of whatever we set our hearts to!

‘We honestly can’t tell you how completely over the moon we are with the photographs, honestly. We knew you were good, but you have completely surpassed all of our expectations. When we were looking through them we just couldn’t get over how you seemingly managed to be in 5 places at once and catch a moment from so many different perspectives! And so many gorgeous moments, happy faces and so so much love that jumps out from every photo that you take. You are a wonder! It’s been an absolute pleasure to get to know you and from the very first email and skype we just thought you were fab. And you are! You deserve every success Natalie and if there is anything we can ever do to support you then please just let us know. If you’re in Scotland and need a place to stay or even just fancy a glass of wine then please let us know, we’d be delighted to see you! Lots of love S&K xxxx’

– Sarah & Kitty, The Lodge on Loch Goil wedding venue

‘Where do I begin… we just absolutely love them all. Thank you really doesn’t cover it! They are just perfect and have brought the day flooding back… and the tears! The photographs are just full of emotion and captured the day perfectly, we relived the whole day all over again and had the most lovely evening last night drinking Prosecco, smiling, laughing and more than a few tears… and did it all day over again with mum today! Thank you so much they are incredible – you really are one very special and talented lady. Lots of love Lou & Mike xxx’
Louise and Michael, Plum Park wedding venue

‘Ahhh, Natalie… What can we say? We are just overwhelmed with how MAGICAL these pictures are. You can feel how much love everyone felt just by looking at your pictures, and how much bloody fun we all had. It’s US in the photos, just how we are, not forced – our silly cheeky fun selves (which I thought I’d never see in front of the camera as usually I go all stiff like Chandler from Friends). Right from the beginning you made us feel *so* comfortable and on the day, everyone thought you were a guest, a good friend. Your talent not only lies in your incredible photography skills, insane eye for detail and creativity but also with just how you are as a person – you bring out the absolute best in everyone around you. You are an incredible person and we are truly honoured we had the pleasure of meeting you, and having you part of our day. It’s just like we sat through our wedding again. How could you be in so many places at once and catch EVERYTHING that was happening? It’s beautiful to see so many intimate moments and the story they tell…. So many lovely moments captured. Thank you, thank you and THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. We are so overwhelmed. So happy.’

– Nilly & Mark, Islington Town Hall wedding

‘Since getting your email yesterday we must have been through the gallery 5 times! Each time there’s something else we notice that you’ve captured beautifully. Your work really is something else! We’re delighted with it, each & every one of them is perfect. You really did catch the atmosphere of the day, exactly the way we wanted it. MASSIVE thank you for being a part of it & for giving us the most special gift of the memories. We look forward to going through all the pictures (again & again). We’re forever grateful. Lots of love & hugs, Sam & Sara (the very happy couple!) xxx’

– Sam & Sara, Low House Armathwaite wedding venue

Once again, THANK YOU to each and every couple who has trusted me to capture your wedding celebrations. You are all wonderful!

My booking is now open for 2018 and 2019 wedding photography, so if you are planning your wedding or elopement either in the UK or anywhere else in the world then I would love to be your photographer & capture the story of your wedding day for you… Please do get in touch here and follow me on instagram here. Here’s to a wonderful 2018! Nx


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