The importance of Photography

London wedding photographer – The importance of photography

Exactly one year ago today, we lost my Granda (which I blogged about, here).  Yes he was old, yes he lived a full & wonderful life & yes he was loved very, very much. We miss his light & laughter more than words can say.

As the years pass, my own home fills with photographs of my loved ones & I realise the importance of what I do – of capturing memories, emotions & the connection between people. Because ultimately that is what life is all about; Love.

Photographing weddings became a part of my life 5 years ago & I felt the need to connect with some of the first couples whose wedding stories I captured to see which photographs they hold most dear now, years down the line. Which images are the most important to them & which do they look at the most? Here are some of their stories…

Danielle & Terry – 11th February 2012

‘Hi Natalie, Lovely to hear from you. I’ve listed my favourite pics from our day (far too many to choose from). Our wedding was 5 years ago this Feb. Where has the time gone?? 4 months after the wedding, my Mum was sadly diagnosed with Cancer & we lost her a year later. We used one of your photographs for Mum’s memorial card. Just 4 days after she closed her eyes, we became parents to our beautiful twin boys. What a journey it has been. These photos transport me back to a day when nothing else mattered. These were the people that I would hold close to my heart forever. Whether in body or spirit, they would always be there right beside me. Thanks again for doing such an amazing job. Dx’

 Katy & Craig – 8th September 2012

‘Hi Natalie!! This is my all time favourite photo from our wedding which this year was five years ago!!!! I love it because you captured a moment where we were so happy, we aren’t posing, just laughing together & I think this photo will always mean a lot to me. I love looking through my whole wedding album because it feels like a long time ago & it’s so nice to look at all the little details of things that you captured because you forget. They take me straight back to the day & I will always treasure them & can’t wait to show them to Stanley (our son) when he is older. Lots of love Katy xxxxx’

 Jules & Gregg – 5th April 2013

‘The one of me and my dad when he walked into the room & I nearly cried – you caught that moment perfectly. When I look at it, it brings back everything I felt. Also the one of my dad with the biggest smile on his face during the speech. Knowing how proud I made him that day will never leave me. The ones of us exchanging rings – I remember it all going so fast & thinking ‘I can’t believe this is US’. The one at the end of the ceremony when I am showing off the certificate – fun, happy & Gregg looking at me! The ones of Gregg & his men… his best mate & one of our groomsmen has brain cancer. He didn’t then. The photos of them all being stupid with ridiculous socks on are ACE! The photo of my bridesmaids & me are awesome. The heart balloons photo where Gregg & I are kissing. Sophie in the doorway – she is so little and bossing us around & we were so proud! AND most of all, the sunset shots. Just me & Gregg. I felt beautiful & the luckiest girl in the world. We have these up on our walls. Special special moments. Ahhh Natalie, what I would say to any bride & groom planning the wedding – PAY FOR A GOOD PHOTOGRAPHER. You have captured the happy tears, the giggles, the nerves, our amazing family & friends & our LOVE. I look at our photos all the time & wish we could do it all over again xxxxx’

 Charli & Andy – 27th July 2013

‘Hey! Andy & I absolutely loved all our wedding photos (as did our family and friends) & still do. We love the way the photos tell the story of the day. We made an album out of them which is literally like a story book so we can re-live it. We have a few canvases made which are in the living room & framed ones throughout the house. We have moved house since too & still put them up. My sister has a couple of her daughter as she was flower girl – again, the photos are timeless. So hard to pick just one as there is so many but here are a few that we love! Charli’

Carly & Lee – 22nd September 2013

‘Oh my gosh, I still adore my photos. It’s not until after the event you realise how important the photos are – it’s all you have left of the day after all! Ours were perfect & funnily enough I realised my favourite by a long stretch is the group shot of us with our bridesmaids, ushers & best man – I say I realised this as I have unknowingly got the exact same photo printed & framed in the house twice! I had never before noticed! I love the simplicity of it & the fact that everyone looks so relaxed – which is exactly what I wanted for the whole day. You captured so many special moments but these were my favourite by a long stretch. The one of us walking down the steps of the Town Hall became our thank you card print & the one of us giggling never fails to make me smile – I have no idea what made us giggle. I assume it was relief! You nailed it lovely – I never expected anything less. I hope you are having a very successful 2017 so far, I am sure you probably are! Lots of love, Cxx’

Stephanie & Jonathan – 5th October 2013

‘Hi Natalie. I put all of our photos into a photobook in chronological order of the day – I love looking through it remembering all of the little details which you captured so well & I definitely think you managed to tell our story through your shots. Jon & I both love the shot of us holding hands in the vineyard (where we are small and the expanse of vines is behind). Recently we have turned to the pictures to remember a family member who passed away. It was not a family member we saw very often so Emily asked what she looked like & we could show her in the wedding album. We also shared that picture at her funeral because the family put together photos of her life. As time goes by & the day becomes more in the past – the photos allow us to revisit the day & recall all of the different emotions involved. Love, Steph x’

Reading all of these made me cry & has given me even more of a hunger to capture the in-between moments at weddings – the stories which make each wedding unique & give photographs such power to evoke emotion not just now but in the years & generations to come. When I’m photographing a wedding, what I look to capture is connection & love. The magic moments that make each wedding special. What shines through in these couples’ words is that it’s photographs of people that they hold most important & what they FEEL when they look back at their wedding photographs – it’s my aim to keep those wedding day feelings alive through my photography.

And finally here is a photograph of a photograph, of my own Grandparents’ wedding in 1951, which I have framed in my home. It is my wish that all my couples’ children & grandchildren hold dear their photographs, as much as my couples do! Nx

If you would like me to capture the story & emotion of your wedding day, then I would love to be your photographer… Please get in touch here. Nx

Thomas Blake - 10th March 2017 - 11:22 am

Love this, excellent idea

Jonathan coates - 4th March 2017 - 9:45 pm

What a great idea for a blog and some corking memories captured

Russell How - 4th March 2017 - 1:18 pm

Lovely work Natalie – especially love the vineyard portrait – wonderful colours x

John H - 3rd March 2017 - 5:08 pm

What a great idea!! Such a life affirming thing to do, spelling out the importance of the job you do…

Lisa - 2nd March 2017 - 5:26 pm

I love this. I got a little emotional reading it. It’s a real reminder to seek out the little moments but also to make sure we are capturing our own loved ones. It’s so important to document our own lives x

Yolande De Vries - 2nd March 2017 - 9:26 am

Wonderful and heartfelt post with a difference – Love it xx

Hannah Webster - 2nd March 2017 - 2:06 am

Ooof. I’ve got a little something in my eye here, lovely. Such a great post.

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