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London destination photographer – Burma Myanmar travel destination photography – Yangon, Pindaya, Inle Lake, Bagan, Mandalay

‘This is Burma & it is unlike any land you know about.’ – Rudyard Kipling

When 2016 began, I promised to adventure & challenge myself this year. So when an opportunity arose to visit Myanmar (formally Burma) with The Flash Pack, a travel company for solo travellers, I took a deep breath & followed my intuition. If I’m honest, I had no knowledge of the country or the traditions there, but 80%-Buddhist Myanmar fast won my heart. Our adventure took us far off the tourist path to Yangon, Pindaya, Inle Lake, Kakku, the ancient city of Bagan & Mandalay, to experience authentic Myanmar sights & traditions. Honestly I was left breathless every single day & had tears in my eyes staring at the wonders that I was fortunate enough to be faced with. This is Burma – nestled between India, China & Thailand – & it really IS unlike any land you know about.

With hazy red air & magical sounds of bells atop the hundreds of golden pagodas & temples that jewel the landscapes, this is a country that I can see fast becoming a top tourist destination & I feel so extremely grateful to have been able to experience the authenticity & proudness of the Myanmar people. But this is a country by no means for the faint-hearted – on many occasions was my comfort-zone challenged in taking propellor-plane flights, trips on tiny canoe boats on huge lakes, becoming very ill from my anti-malaria tablets, zig-zagging roads high up in the mountains, riding glass elevators up cliff-faces to visit caves filled with tens of thousands of golden Buddhas, hand-feeding & washing rescued elephants & seeing my reflection in the eyes of these great beasts, waking at 4am to climb an almost-vertical ancient temple in pitch black by myself (camera & torch in one hand!) to see the sun rise. Wow. All these experiences & more pushed my limits physically, emotionally & mentally & this wonder-filled adventure definitely changed my perception of the world &, indeed, myself, but I loved every moment & it was ultimately more than worth it.

Now I have returned to London, with a renewed sense of perspective, wonder & gratitude, & I would urge anyone who has the opportunity to travel somewhere like this – just do it, in a heartbeat. Memories like this will last you a lifetime & beyond, & for that reason this is a long blog post. Should you reach the end then I applaud & thank you for viewing this small insight into my wonder-full experiences. I captured almost 3,000 photographs during my travels & have here presented my 200 particular favourites. What I really wanted was to capture the true feeling & atmosphere & energy of Myanmar. Enjoy… Nx

(watch with sound – it’s like magic!)

IMG_8251 from Natalie Watts on Vimeo.

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Chris - 29th April 2016 - 11:33 am

These are amazing Nat, looks like you had an amazing time! Thanks so much for sharing!

Rob Grimes - 29th April 2016 - 8:23 am

A lifetime of memories captured in one blog post. Such a beautiful country as seen through your eyes.

Makes me want to jump on a plane and go see it for myself now!

Sue Ann Simon - 26th April 2016 - 11:02 am

These are just stunning! I can feel the spirit of the places you visited. I’m also anti-propeller planes but sometimes you just have to get on and close your eyes because the result can be as magical as the photographs you’ve created on this trip! 🙂

Genevieve ( Miss Gen ) - 23rd April 2016 - 8:51 pm

Looks like an amazing place! Love that last pic x

Eneka - 23rd April 2016 - 5:16 pm

Beautiful work Natalie, such a great journey and experience. You have captured the trip so well and makes me want to do the same journey.

Eliza Claire - 23rd April 2016 - 11:56 am

There is something really moving about these images, Natalie, I’m not sure if it’s the people, the gentleness that you seem to have captured, the quiet observations…but whatever it is, it’s fantastic. Completely gorgeous images.

Sarah Wright - 21st April 2016 - 6:53 am

Levee these Natalie! Reminds me of my own trip 10 years ago, looks as beautiful and natural as ever. Love that you got to hang out with monks!

Charlotte - 21st April 2016 - 12:55 am

Stunning photos, I agree with Andreas comment! I especially love the photos of the monks and the kids, you capture such a sense of their personalities and an insight into daily life there, that’s magical to me! Whether you’re capturing a wedding couple or a newborn or documenting a location like this you have such a gift for getting honest emotion and personality on camera, and so much joy!

These belong in National Geographic! Xx

Andrea E - 20th April 2016 - 11:14 pm

If I never get a chance to go in my lifetime … That’s ok … Because I just went with you xxx beautiful lovely .. Just beautiful … The balloon pics especially gave me goosebumps for a moment missed xxx

Beth Creedon - 20th April 2016 - 7:57 pm

Such evocative photos.
Gorgeous Natalie x

Bethany - 20th April 2016 - 12:41 pm

Incredible! Stunning images Natalie!

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