How to ACE Group Shots – Course Recording


How to ACE Group Shots – Course Recording

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How to ACE Group Shots – 3 Part recorded course


This 3-part online course recording will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about creating brilliant family group shots and dynamic bridal party photographs, in a really fun and quick way so that you, your couples and the guests ENJOY the whole experience!




The course will help you go from feeling STRESSED, FRANTIC and OVERWHELMED about group shots to creating AMAZING wedding group shots in a STREAMLINED, CALM, IN CONTROL and ENJOYABLE way that have all the guests praising you and passing your name on for lots of future bookings!


This course is not just about group shots – it will help with your CONFIDENCE on a wedding day. The modules teach about the whole client experience, as well as setting up creative editorial-style group shots step-by-step so YOU can do it quickly and easily. It also includes how you can get MORE enquiries and HIGHER PRICE bookings to ensure you’re in business for the long-run! ⁣I look forward to sharing the secrets of my success with you – It’s a game-changer!!

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