Multiply Your Income – Masterclass


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Multiply Your Income – Masterclass


Learn how to create new income streams quickly and easily to secure financial stability.

The biggest business lesson from the pandemic has been ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket!’ If you only have one income stream, what happens when it stops? Even now, what happens in the quieter months? Panic, stress, worry about how the bills will be paid – imagine how it would feel to build a business strategy that means you feel safe and secure, all year round! 

In 2020 my weddings were all postponed and cancelled… and yet that year I earned MORE than I did the year before when I was fully-booked with weddings. I even managed to buy a 4-bedroom, 12-room house all by myself! But how did I do it?! I’ll be sharing that and much more about diversifying your income in this new Masterclass.

I used to be so worried about the off-peak quieter months and worried about how I’d pay the bills… now I look forward to the quiet months and still make a decent income every single month.

This Masterclass will help you in so many ways.


Who is it for?

Multiply Your Income Masterclass is an online Masterclass for Photographers, Creatives and Small Businesses who want to bring more revenue into their business through different income streams.


What will it help with?

This online Masterclass will help you get clarity on new revenue streams you can create TODAY, both within and alongside your business. Identify multiple sources of income that will help generate money for your business over quieter months, as well as elevate your business overall. Learn how to create new income streams to feel SAFE and SECURE in your business all year round, no matter any pandemic or recession!


What does it include?

In this 60-minute digital Masterclass I’ll be talking through:

◆ Why you need multiple streams of income in your business

◆ What income streams can you add?

◆ Income streams to create quickly and easily

◆ Fast cash injections

◆ How can you work SMARTER?

◆ Different ways to create your offers

◆ (And more!)




In addition to the Masterclass, you will receive this BONUS content:

Income Tracker tool

Revenue streams ideas list 

Included for FREE with this Multiply Your Income Masterclass purchase!



Why learn from me?

As a self-employed single mum, hitting 5-figure months used to be a dream – a dream I never thought I could possibly achieve.

Now with the help of Tracking income and different streams of revenue I regularly hit 5-figure months consistently, and it’s helped me hit over £100k in 6 months, as well as have my highest cash income month ever at more than £22,366 (with my highest sales month at over £36,000).

Last month alone I’ve been on the ground working IN my business shooting weddings and editing, and my business generated over £17,000. That’s a far cry from when I earned £17k in a whole YEAR!

Bringing extra income streams into my business has really revolutionised the way I work, as well as given me more freedom, flexibility and stability in my personal life.

I’m excited to share what’s worked for me and how you can do the same, in this brand new Multiply Your Income Masterclass.


About me

Hello! I’m Natalie and I’m a photographer, mentor and educator. I’ve been self-employed for more than 12 years and thrive on building and growing my business as well as helping other photographers and creatives grow their business too.

To date I’ve photographed over 300 weddings all over the world in places including Hawaii, Iceland, Venice, NYC and Paris, and have had my wedding photography work featured in Conde Nast BRIDES magazine, ELLE UK, Cosmopolitan, on blogs including Rock My Wedding and Love my Dress. My photography was included in the Junebug Best of the Best 2018 and 2019 Destination Weddings Collections, I was selected for the Rangefinder‘s Rising Stars Award in 2019, and was named one of the Top UK Wedding Photographers for 2022 by ELLE UK.

My courses include the popular How to ACE Group Shots course and my best-selling Success Accelerator photography business course, which has helped hundreds of other photographers transform and build the business of their dreams.

Whatever your pain points, I HAVE BEEN THERE, believe me. Whatever frustrations you’re feeling about building up your business, I have felt it and UNDERSTAND! I’ve put together my courses, masterclasses and business tools to help you realise your potential and achieve your dream business and dream life!



“The fastest way to get where you want to be, is to learn from someone who is doing what you want to do.”

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