When I was a girl, one of my very favourite things was to journey the long drive from the south of England to where the land grew tall. We would visit my grandparents in a town by the seaside & my Granda would often take us on adventures to beautiful places around the lakes. I remember the freedom of my childhood – the freedom to explore & breathe the clean air. He was always this strong man who would take us anywhere we wanted, sometimes on unknown adventures. That, I will hold in my heart always.

As we grow older & our responsibilities burden, those we love also grow old. For a long time the journeys have been very few & far between, something I am sorry for. My own child has experienced these magical places of my childhood only a handful of times. One time I took him, we ran through rhododendron bushes squealing at the magic still in the air.

This year I promised myself I would take myself back to my roots; to the reason for my falling in love with photography. Being my ‘day job’, taking photographs & all that comes with it often makes me feel frustrated & I feel I need to remind myself why I am doing this. I need to fall more in love with photography – truly & with my whole heart. Growing up I would take many photographs simply for the love of taking photographs. Documentary photography is where I started at just 7 years old & this year I will make personal photography projects a priority, to remember why I first picked up a camera.

So I decided to start here, a place that I hold dear & with people that I hold even more close to my heart. My Granda has been unwell for some years now & it is hard seeing such a strong, loving man fade and have his freedom slowly taken. I’m not alone in thinking on his many hospital trips that he wouldn’t return home. But every time he has. This time we again drove the long drive to where the land grows higher to see my Grandparents & this time I took with me my camera. This life is precious & short & we mustn’t take a single thing for granted.

So here I am, a little piece of my heart…

*Update* A year later I have continued this project. You can see the photographs here.

Natalie xx


This was quite a journey back wasn’t it. Such decent and graceful people and a lovely story beautifully told