When receiving Jon’s email for Tower Bridge proposal photography in London, my heart fluttered – this was the first proposal that I had been asked to be photographer for and my goodness what an honour to capture this special moment… the start of a couple’s forever!

‘I’m looking to propose to my girlfriend of 3 years on Sunday around 8:15am in the morning by Tower Bridge in London and would love a photographer to capture the very special proposal moment!’

Jon and Melanie were visiting London from America, on the last leg of a tour around Europe. Every morning on their last day in a city, they would wake early and walk around to take in the sights & the unusual quiet of a place. On their last morning in London, a sunny Sunday morning, Jon planned to propose to Melanie on the banks of the River Thames by Tower Bridge – what a beautiful place for a secret engagement proposal in London! ‘I’ll be the one in the purple shirt’ Jon had told me prior to the day – you wouldn’t believe how many men passed me by that morning in a purple shirt. Suddenly I spied the couple and Jon gave me a sly wink – I pretended to be engrossed in taking photographs of the surrounding architecture as the couple gazed across the river and I was certain Melanie had spied me hiding behind a lamppost! Jon dropped to one knee for the proposal and I heard a gasp of ‘Are you ******* kidding me?!’ as Melanie nodded her response of ‘yes’. This gives me goosebumps to type, which was nothing to the experience of capturing such precious moments for such a lovely couple! I’m sure it’s clear from these photographs how stunned and elated Melanie was to receive and accept Jon’s marriage proposal!

Jon & Melanie, it was a real pleasure to be your Tower Bridge proposal photographer in London and huge Congratulations on your engagement! Nx


If you are looking for Tower Bridge proposal photography in London, or planning your secret engagement proposal anywhere else in the world then I would love to be your photographer & capture your story for you… Please get in touch here. Nx